Jason Preston

Jason is a husband, father of two, and a community leader. Born in Orem, Utah has always been his home. He grew up in a home with a single mother and a special needs sister. Jason struggled as a kid, got into trouble, and made more than a few mistakes growing up, but he pulled himself up by his bootstraps and graduated from BYU to become a teacher and help our youth.

Jason spent the majority of his life helping underprivileged kids better themselves and their lives. Jason’s work ethic is what he prides himself on. He had to learn the value of a dollar and fast, whether that meant having food at his dinner table or going to bed hungry.

His belief in God, through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his wife’s unwavering support, led him to become a successful, contributing member of society. Together, Jason and his wife are raising two remarkable daughters who love their home state and country.

Jason currently works with business leaders across Utah for the National Write Your Congressman organization to get more of them involved in politics, regardless of political party, and to fight for what they need to better their lives.

Jason’s next step is fighting for the people of Utah’s 3rd Congressional District against the distant forces on the East Coast who have never had their best interests at heart. It won’t be his first fight, but it’ll be his toughest – and he needs as much help as you can give him. Join our campaign today to put Utah First!